Profile: Natalie Desselle-Reid (1967-2020)

Natalie Ann Desselle-Reid was an American actress who performed in several films.

Early life

Desselle-Reid was born in Alexandria, Louisiana, the daughter of Thelma and Paul Desselle. She graduated from Peabody Magnet High School and attended Grambling State University.


At Grambling, Desselle-Reid developed a deep interest in the theatre and appeared in several productions during her time there. She began her acting career in 1996 when she was in the movie Set it Off. She was the evil step-sister Minerva in the made-for-television version of Cinderella. 

Personal life and death

Desselle-Reid was married once and had three children. From 2003 until her death, Desselle-Reid was married to Leonard Reid. Together, They had three children: Sereno, Summer, and Sasha. She died due to colon cancer on December 7, 2020, at the age of 53. 

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