Profile: Daniel Minter (1961-)

Daniel Minter is an African-American artist and educator working in painting, sculpture, illustration, assemblage, and public art.


Minter received his A.A. from Art Institute of Atlanta. In 2019, he received an Honorary Doctorate of Arts from Maine College of Art.


Early in his career, Minter worked as a graphic designer. He has illustrated twelve children’s books, including two award-winning collaborations with the author Kelly Starling Lyons: Ella’s Broom, which won the 2013 Coretta Scott King Book Honor, and Going Down Home with Daddy, which was a 2020 Caldecott Medal recipient.

Minter has also designed two Kwanzaa stamps for the United States Postal Service, issued in 2004 and in 2011.

Minter now lives in Portland, Maine, where he continues his creative work and assists with The Underground Railroad, of which he is a board member. Minter’s work has appeared at many shows throughout Portland and can be seen in the official logos of the Underground Rail-Road and the Maine Interfaith Youth Alliance.

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