Profile: Daniel Lind-Ramos (1953-)

Daniel Lind-Ramos is an African-Puerto Rican painter and sculptor who lives and works in Puerto Rico.


Lind-Ramos was born in 1953 in Loíza, a coastal town in Puerto Rico. He studied painting at the University of Puerto Rico in 1975 and in 1980 he graduated from NYU with a master’s of art degree. In addition to his studio practice, Lind-Ramos also currently teaches in the Humanities Department at the University of Puerto Rico at Humacao.

Artistic practice

Lind-Ramos paints on canvas with oil using traditional and uncommon application techniques from brushes to spatulas. He also works with recycled or reused materials such as cardboard, wire screen, discarded appliances, car parts, the foliage of coconut palm trees, broken musical instruments, and other used items.

He was described as the “breakout star” or highlight of the 2019 Whitney Biennial by multiple reviewers, with the New York Times writing that his sculpture Maria Mariaexemplified the pieces in the Biennial that “reassert the power of spirituality.” Critic Holland Cotter elaborated on the sculpture, explaining how Lind-Ramos “creat[ed] from wood, beads, coconuts and a blue FEMA tarp, a figure that is both the Virgin Mary and personification of the hurricane that devastated the island in 2017 … the piece looks presiding majestically.”

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