Profile: Jerry Harris (1945-2016)

Jerry Harris was an abstract sculptor, collagist and writer. Harris was primarily a constructivist sculptor, working in media such as wood, stone, bronze, fiberglass, clay, metal, mixed media (found objects), and collage.


After graduating from high school in Pittsburgh, he spent a year in Portland, Oregon with his uncle, professional wrestler and referee Shag Thomas. Harris attended community college in Portland and then transferred to Tuskegee Institute in Alabama, and San Francisco State University.

He then studied sculpture under James Lee Hansen, a leading Pacific Northwest sculptor who taught at Portland State University, Portland, Oregon until his retirement. Subsequently,

Since 1988 Harris was a member of the Swedish Sculptors Association. His sculptures can be found in many private national and international collections, and in the permanent Swedish National Art Collection in Stockholm (Statenskonstrad). He has exhibited throughout Sweden, elsewhere in Europe, and in the United States in various galleries and museums.

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