20 Greatest African-American Artists of All Time

Who’s the greatest African -American artist of all time? Jean-Michel Basquiat, Jason Innocent or Jacobs Lawrence. What does that title really mean? What does it take to become the greatest artist ever? Cultural impact, influence, Individuals, cultural perspectives, and the experiences and struggles of minorities through their artwork. This list was put together by gallery owners, curators’ art critics and artist all around the world. Continue reading 20 Greatest African-American Artists of All Time

Profile: Horace Pippin

Synopsis Born on February 22, 1888, in West Chester, Pennsylvania, Horace Pippin created art as a child, though he lost the use of his drawing arm in World War I. He persevered and taught himself to paint with his injury, becoming a MOMA artist acclaimed for his renderings of African-American life along with biblical imagery and historical scenes. Published in magazines as well, Pippin died … Continue reading Profile: Horace Pippin