Profile: Leilah Weinraub (1979-)

Leilah Weinraub  is an American filmmaker, conceptual artist, and the former CEO of the fashion brand Hood By Air. In 2018 she was named a Sundance Institute Art of Nonfiction Fellow.


Weinraub was born in Los Angeles to an African-American textile designer mother from Compton and a Jewish pediatrician father from Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Weinraub attended one year at an agricultural high school in Israel before returning to the United States and legally emancipating herself from her parents. She later attended Antioch College and dropped out of the film program at Bard College.


In 1998 Weinraub met American History X director Tony Kaye while working at the Los Angeles Boutique Maxfield’s. In exchange for Kaye paying her Antioch tuition, Weinraub assisted him on his project Lake of Fire.

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