Profile: John Isiah Walton

John Isiah Walton was born in 1985 in New Orleans, where he currently lives and works as a fine artist. Walton is a member of the artist collective The Front, and is also a founding member of Level Artist Collective, which includes artists Ana Hernandez, Horton Humble, Rontherin Ratliff, and Carl Joe Williams.

Walton often uses humor and irony to provide “stinging social commentary”. His recent solo exhibition at the Front entitled Rodeo featured portraits of bulls and bull fighters at the Angola State Prison Rodeo. His previous series Zulu was a series of paintings of American political figures in blackface like the Krewe of Zulu. His painting style is fast, loose brush strokes. 

His work has been exhibited in New York City, Austin, Texas, Los Angeles, North Carolina and  Tokyo. His notable exhibitions include the solo exhibitions Beaucoup Humidity in 2015 curated by Diego Cortez and God Willing in 2016 both at P339 Gallery in New York. He has been included in group shows at the New Orleans Museum of Art  and Grown Ass Kids at the Front.

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