Profile: Eliza Myrie (1981-)

Eliza Myrie is a visual artist who lives and works in Chicago, IL. Myrie works in a variety of media including sculpture, participatory installation art, public art, and printmaking.

Early life & education

Myrie’s father is a stonemason. Myrie received her MFA from Northwestern University and her BA from Williams College. Myrie was a participant at The Skowhegan School and The Whitney Independent Study Program.

Art career

Myrie co-founded and ran the Black Artists Retreat (2013-2016), an effort that gathered an intergenerational group of black visual artists outside of traditional art institutions. In winter 2016, Myrie was awarded a MacDowell fellowships. In 2017/2018, Myrie held the Equal Justice Residency/Fellowship at the Santa Fe Art Institute. Myrie is the Wiki Project Manager at Black Lunch Table

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