Profile: Monstah Black (1967-)

Monstah Black is an American recording artist, choreographer, dancer, and performance artist based in Bedford-Stuyvesant, New York. In 2015, he received the Tom Murrin Performance Award.

Early life

BLACK started performing at the age of five.He attended Bruton High School, Williamsburg, where he performed the song “International Lover” by Prince. He describes his adolescence as one of both struggles and “joyful moments”, and describes his teen years as “progressive, alternative, androgynous”. His fashion aesthetic was influenced by Prince, Boy George and the New York Dolls.


BLACK 2016 show ‘HYPBERLOIC! (the last spectacle)’ was described by Eric Marlin, in the New York Theater Review, as “more visual than verbal, more collage than narrative”, where “not every fragment must be in the service of a central thesis.”

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