Profile: Debora Moore (1960-)

Debora Moore is a contemporary glass artist. She is best known for her glass orchids.


Moore was born into a military family in St. Louis, Missouri. She was the third of six children, and spent many summers with her grandparents while she was growing up. Her career as an artist was influenced by her grandparents’ garden and public art classes she took while visiting them. Before becoming a glass artist, she worked a number of jobs, including waiting tables and modeling. She is married to glass artist Benjamin Moore.

She owns Fiori Studio, located in Seattle, WA.


Moore started working with glass in the 1980s. She took classes at the Pratt Fine Arts Center in Seattle, WA, as part of a work-study grant she received, then won a scholarship in 1990 to blow glass at Pilchuck Glass School, near Seattle. There she worked with Italo Scanga and Paul Marioni, and was a member of Dale Chihuly’s glassblowing team. Moore has taught glassmaking at a number of programs, including the Pratt Fine Arts Center and Pilchuck; she worked with at-risk students at the Hilltop School in Tacoma, WA.

Moore began making glass flowers in 1987, and is best known for her orchids. She uses glassblowing and hot sculpting at the furnace to “retain the pure brilliance of glass.” She travels around the world to study and sketch orchids in their natural habitats, and is also inspired by the glass botanical models created by Leopold and Rudolf Blaschka. However, Moore uses her impressions and imagination to create orchids that recall the flowers’ forms without restricting herself to scientific accuracy.

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