Profile: Doyle Lane (1925–2002)

Doyle Lane was an African-American ceramist known for his innovative, tactile glazes. His work ranged from delicate vases and ceramic sculptures to large scale clay paintings and mosaics. Lane maintained a studio in the El Sereno district of East Los Angeles. He exhibited his work at Brockman Gallery in Leimert Park (1968) and Ankrum Gallery on La Cienega Boulevard (1967, 1968), both notable centers for African American Art in Los Angeles in the mid-twentieth century.

Early life and education

Born in New Orleans, he moved to Los Angeles by the early 1950s. He studied at Los Angeles City College, East Los Angeles City College before attending the University of Southern California. Early in his career, he worked as a glaze technician for L.H. Butcher and Co. Later he would maintain a self-supporting practice as a studio ceramist.

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