Profile: Jean Lacy (1932-)

Jean Lacy is a museum education specialist and visual artist who works primarily in mixed media and collage from Washington, D.C.

She is of African American heritage, and believes her family is descended from indentured Africans at Jamestown Colony. Her work is inspired by creation myths and religious stories, the Civil Rights Movement, and African American culture. From 1975-77 she held the position of Curator of Education and Exhibitions at the Museum of African-American Life and Culture in Dallas, Texas. From 1977-88 she served as the Director of the African American Cultural Heritage Center of the Dallas Independent School District.

Public Art

Lacy has been commissioned was commissioned to create a stained glass window honoring Rosa Parks at the Sanctuary of St. Luke’s United Methodist Church in Dallas, TX. She has also received commissions for stained glass windows in Houston.

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