Profile: Bettina Judd

Bettina Judd is an African-American interdisciplinary writer, scholar, artist, and performer.

Early life and education

Judd was born in Baltimore and raised in Southern California.  She received her bachelor’s degree in Comparative Women’s Studies and English from Spelman Collegein 2005, her master’s degree in Women’s Studies from University of Maryland in 2007, and her PhD in Women’s Studies in 2014, also from the University of Maryland. Her dissertation, Feelin Feminism: Black Women’s Art as Feminist Thought , is an analysis of how various oppressions that affect black women are felt, and makes the assertion that Black Women’s creative process and output is a site of feminist and womanist thought. She has named her early poetic influences as: her grandmother (a poet and a mathematician for the Department of Defense), her mother, and Maya Angelou. She has listed her favorite feminist poets as Khadijah Queen, Ashaki Jackson, Anastacia Tolbert, and Natasha Marin

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