Profile: Rodney Ewing (1956-)

Rodney Ewing is an interdisciplinary artist in San Francisco, California. Ewing’s work explores identity, narrative, history, space, displacement, physical vulnerability and violence. Ewing’s work involves extensive subject research. Often Ewing uses once-common, but now little-known historical objects. He also uses first person narratives. Ewing’s art explores and translates the literal and emotional dimensions of these subjects. Along with historical images of artifacts and victims of violence, Ewing often layers in quotations by different writers. Reading these quotations, sometimes obscured by the visual elements of the piece, creates another experience that is unique and nuanced within the context of the print, sculpture or installation. He employs different methods to draw the viewer in, literally and figuratively, toward the piece and immerses the viewer in a reorienting experience of images, words and ideas.

Early life and Education

Rodney Ewing’s father was a Vietnam veteran who also served 20 years in the Air Force. Rodney Ewing also served in the military and is a Desert Storm veteran.

Ewing’s father introduced him to art through comic books.  Ewing also said he went to schools that had strong art programs.

Ewing received his Bachelor of Fine Art: Printmaking, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA in 1989 and his Master of Fine Arts: Printmaking, West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV in 1992.

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