Profile: Katrina Andry (1981-)

Katrina Andry is an American visual artist based in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Early life and education

Katrina Andry was born in New Orleans. Andry first studied Graphic design at Louisiana State University and received her BFA in 2004. She then studied Printmaking at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and received her MFA in 2010. While at school, Andry was inspired by artists such as Adrian Piper.


Andry works in New Orleans, as well as at Xavier University. She uses color-reduction wood cut prints in small and large-scale prints. Some of her prints are almost five feet long in order to expose the view to degrading clichés. Andry’s works never contain a specific person, but more of an ideal of certain groups of people. Her work is featured in multiple publications such as, New American Paintings, edition 118Art in Print, and The Saratoga Collection.

Andry’s work explores the negative effects stereotypes have on people of color. She is known for her large-scale, full-color woodblock prints. Her works feature white subjects in blackface, depicting negative cliches and caricatures of black culture. Through these depictions, Andry explores how stereotypes are perpetuated to benefit a majority while disenfranchising other groups of people. Andry challenges the majority social norms and questions how these norms affect how individuals see one another. She also uses non-people-of-color in her work to portray more than black culture. However, when Andry’s works are seen as black culture, the stereotype-norms are emphasized. She typically uses white men to symbolize authority over people of color stereotypes. Andry shows this visually in her work by practicing large-scale color reduction in woodcut prints.

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