Profile: Hakeem Khaaliq

Hakeem Khaaliqis an American cinematographer, television producer, film director, photographer, multi-media activist, graphic design artist, and visual anthropologist. Before his career in film and television, he worked as a music producer, music publisher, music supervisor, and radio personality. In 1995 Khaaliq founded Radio Bums® and in 2010 he co-founded Nation19 magazine / APDTA with longtime partner Queen Muhammad Ali.

Early life and career

Khaaliq was born and raised in South Central, Los Angeles, CA. His dad was a stuntman with work featured in the film The Spook Who Sat By The DoorKhaaliq is also the great-nephew to prominent photographer Addison N. Scurlock. Khaaliq credits longtime family friend Howard Bingham and his mentor Jamel Shabazz as his greatest influences in photography. Early in his career, Khaaliq began directing and producing documentary films (the first film he directed starring Snoop Dogg and Sean Puffy Combs), but his passion for social change and activism led him to direct and produce films focusing on pressing global issues.

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