Profile: Wilda Gerideau-Squires (1946-)

Wilda Gerideau-Squiresis an African-American fine art photographer noted for her distinctive style of photography which includes abstract images created through the interplay of fabric and light, as well as her poignant photographs of women. In 2008, Women In Photography International named Gerideau-Squires among the world’s most Distinguished Women Photographers. Her photographs are included in the Peter E. Palmquist Collection at Yale University’s Beinecke Library, the State House Office Building in Boston, and private collections in the United States and Canada.

Life and career

Prior to becoming a photographer, Gerideau-Squires worked as a corporate executive for 25 years. She uses both film and digital media to capture “human-interest and landscape images”.Recently her focus has transitioned into the abstract genre. Gerideau-Squires explains, “My abstract compositions are developed around common elements such as fabric and glass, ultimately evolving into what for me are evocative images they continually remind me that, no matter how mundane or simple, if we take the time to look, there is in everything an extraordinary element waiting to be discovered and appreciated. I find viewers appreciate the abstract nature of my work because it does encourage them to insinuate their own “voices” into my images, thus allowing them to experience a more personal connection with them.”

The Danforth Art Museum, the Griffin Museum of Photography, and the Massachusetts State House in Boston are just some of the places her works have been exhibited in. Not only has her work been shown in museums, but they have been featured in magazines including, the Merrimack Valley Magazine, Persimmon Tree Magazine, as well as ARTisSpectrum Magazine.

Gerideau-Squires is a graduate of the College of DuPage. Her professional affiliations include the National Association of Women Artists, Cambridge Art Association, Professional Women Photographers, Pen and Brush, Women In Photography International, and the Royal Photographic Society. She is a resident artist at Western Avenue Studios in Lowell, MA and serves on the Board of Advisors of the Brush Art Gallery and Studios.


In 2008, Women In Photography International named Gerideau-Squires to their prestigious List of Distinguished Women Photographers that honors the accomplishments of dedicated working women photographers around the globe. In addition, she has been the recipient of numerous national and international awards.

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