Profile: Russell Atkins (1925-)

Russell Atkins  is a musician, playwright, poet, and composer from Cleveland, Ohio, known primarily for his contributions to American avant gardepoetry. He was born in Cleveland and raised on Cleveland’s east side by three women – his mother, his grandmother, and his aunt Mae – after his father deserted the family. The family resided in Atkins’ aunt Mae’s home. Continue reading Profile: Russell Atkins (1925-)

Profile: Regina M. Anderson (1901-1993)

Regina M. Anderson was an American playwright and librarian. She was of Native American, Jewish, East Indian, Swedish, and other European ancestry (including one grandparent who was a Confederate general); one of her grandparents was of African descent, born in Madagascar. Despite her own identification of her race as “American”, she was perceived to be African-American by others. Influenced by Ida B. Wells and the lack of black history teachings in school, Regina became a key member of the Harlem Renaissance Continue reading Profile: Regina M. Anderson (1901-1993)