Jason Innocent questions the unanswerable with his short film “Dissection”


by: Paxton Wright

“Identity” is a term that is as vague and lofty as it is simplistically banal. This contradiction is the spark behind filmmaker Jason Innocent’s thesis of his
short documentary, “Dissection.” Composed predominantly of talking-head interviews with black Americans, spliced with interstitial photos of watershed moments
and figures in civil rights, the film asks a multitude of questions
regarding what it means to be black in America. Given the panoply of
voices airing their thoughts on the matter, the answer varies
dramatically from person to person. Some approach the subject with an
air of pessimism and world-weariness, some remain attached to the
notion of opportunity that America affords them, while others sit
somewhere in the middle. Reflecting the reality of the situation, the
answer is ultimately a matter of subjective perception. Innocent’s
intention is not so much to present a tangible or practical solution to
achieving progress but, rather, to spark a conversation on what
“progress” means.

Words by: Paxton Wright

Graduated from UC Irvine with a B.A. in Film & Media Studies.

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