The 1900 New York City, New York Race Riot began following an incident between Arthur J. Harris, a black man, and a white undercover police officer, Robert J. Thorpe, outside the apartment of Harris and his girlfriend May Enoch in the Tenderloin section of New York City.  At 2:00 a.m. on August 13, Harris witnessed Thorpe grabbing Enoch, whom Thorpe believed to be a prostitute soliciting customers.  Harris, not knowing that Thorpe was a police officer, attacked Thorpe and cut him with a knife.  Both Harris and Enoch fled the scene.  Harris left for his mother’s home in Washington D.C.and Enoch ran into her apartment where she was later arrested.   Thorpe, who was also the son in-law of Acting Captain John Cooney of the local Twentieth Police Precinct, was taken to Roosevelt Hospital where he died the next day. Continue reading Revisit: THE NEW YORK CITY RACE RIOT