Jordan Hatcher was a seventeen-year-old enslaved tobacco worker in Richmond, Virginia, who in 1852 rose from obscurity to notoriety when charged with assaulting and killing white overseer William Jackson.  According to newspaper accounts and trial records, Hatcher was working at the Walker & Harris tobacco factory when Jackson began flogging him with a cowhide for performing poorly.  Hatcher initially warded off the blows, but Jackson … Continue reading JORDAN HATCHER CASE (1852)

MICHAEL K. ROSS (1941-2007)

Michael K. Ross was a Washington State legislator, civil rights activist, and contractor who, although he worked from within established political channels, was not afraid to go against the grain to affect social change. Ross’s early years followed a conservative trajectory.  Born in Iowa City, Iowa and raised in the Midwest, he served a stint in the United States Air Force before deciding to become involved in civil rights work.  He came to Seattle in the mid-1960s … Continue reading MICHAEL K. ROSS (1941-2007)