Profile: Quinta Brunson (1989-)

Quinta Brunson is an American writer, producer, actress, and comedian. Brunson gained prominence for her self-produced Instagram series Girl Who Has Never Been on a Nice Date. She went on to produce and act in content for BuzzFeed Video, and developed two streaming series with BuzzFeed Motion Pictures. She is the creator, executive producer, writer, and star of the ABC comedy series Abbott Elementary.
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On August 4, 1865, the Loyal Creek Council formally declared that African Creeks would be considered full citizens of the Creek Nation.  African Creeks soon designated August 4th “Emancipation Day” and organized celebrations, including picnics, parades and speakers beginning as early as 1867, which continued through the Territorial days and early years of Oklahoma statehood.  The celebration fell into disuse as the African Creeks and … Continue reading EMANCIPATION DAY (AUGUST 4TH)